15 Minute Crochet Pumpkin

free crochet pumpkin pattern

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Easy Pattern to adjust to any size pumpkin!

Fall is only a couple of weeks away. We’ve shut the A/C off a few times and slept with the windows open. There’s a little chill in the air most mornings, which means sweatshirt season is coming! And what comes best with hoodies, bonfires and crunchy leaves? Pumpkins of course!

These super cute and easy to whip up little chunky pumpkins are great to add a little Autumn color to your bookshelf or mantle. They work up fast, so you can make a bunch to take to your Fall Craft Shows too. I’ve been enjoying gifting some to dear friends and my hairdresser too!

Here’s the FREE PATTERN! and I would love to see your adorable pumpkins. So be sure and come over to the Facebook Page and share your cute pumpkins with us!

free crochet pumpkin pattern
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Chunky Yarn (size 6 works great)

N – 10 MM Hook

Yarn Needle


Poly-fil stuffing (or old yarn from stash you may never use works well too)

Cinnamon stick or branch


Hot glue

Fake or real leaves


CH – Chain

SL – Slip Stitch

SC – Single Crochet

SC/BL- Single Crochet in Back Loops only


These work up really quick and easy! Great for craft fairs, housewarming gifts and for your own home! All kinds of natural colors work to make these super cute! If you’re using size 4 or 5 yarn, just add more chain spaces, rows and use a smaller hook. Want a bigger pumpkin? Just add chain spaces. To make 3 sizes I did Chain 8, Chain 12 and Chain 17 for the different sizes. You can always go bigger!


This pattern, with a few adjustments to starting chain and rows, will make whatever size pumpkin you’d like. You will want to use odd number of rows, always ending with both ends at same side of the rectangle before stitching ends together. That way when you have cut your yarn, there is a tail at both the top and bottom to close up the pumpkin.


Crochet Pumpkin Tail
You’ll use this to close bottom of pumpkin

You will need to start with a good 5-6” tail

(this will be used to close up the bottom of your pumpkin)

CH 8 (11,16) and turn

ROW 1 – SC in 2nd space from hook and SC in all spaces to the end, turn

Crochet Back Loop Only for ridges
This gives your pumpkin texture

ROW 2 – CH 1 SC/BL in 2nd space from hook and SC/BL in every space to end, turn

ROWS 3-13 (17,23) Repeat ROW 2

Now bring both sides together and SL in each stitch across.

Close up pumpkin

Cut your end, making sure to leave another tail 6” or more, this will be the top of your pumpkin.

Using your starting tail and yarn needle, weave your tail through the stitches along the end, making sure to weave in to the start of the tail, pulling tight to close the bottom and knotting off.

You can leave the tail inside as you turn the pumpkin inside out now.

Loosely fill with stuffing.

Use your end tail to weave through the stitches along the other side and pull tight to close the top of the pumpkin. Leaving just enough space at the top to place your cinnamon stick or branch in for your “stem”. Tie off and tuck your tail inside the pumpkin. No need to cut your ends, just tuck inside the pumpkin.

Closing up the pumpkin
Create a drawstring closure for the ends.

You can gently shape your pumpkin now before placing stem and leaf in the top.

Using a small bit of hot glue in the top will secure your stem, should you choose to give or sell these adorable little pumpkins.

I would love to see your finished project! Use tags #brambleavenue #brambleavefreepattern or #brambleaveproject on Insta or if you use Facebook come like my page Bramble Avenue and share your photos.

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Please do not copy, redistribute or sell my pattern in any way. You are more than welcome to sell your finished
product. I hope they are a very hot item for you!! I just ask that you please credit me for the pattern so other makers can find me as well. You may not use my pictures and pass them off as your own for they are my property. Thank you for your understanding.

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