who and what is bramble avenue

The “b” on bramble avenue

Isn’t it funny how when we’re asked to tell something about ourselves the first thought is usually, I’m his wife or I’m their mom. I hear my therapist saying (let’s not tell her she’s made a lasting impression btw) NO! Who are YOU? Who is Bunny (the B in Bramble)? And what is Bramble Avenue?

Well, the name is Bunny, yes, that’s my real name. In a nutshell, I’m a quirky, life loving, wife, mother, crafter, designer, low carb living, want to inspire others to live their most beautiful life, really kinda squirrelly girl!

I created Bramble Avenue to share easy craft projects, quick and easy crochet patterns, tasty low carb keto recipes and rambles about my life (see what I did there? B + ramble = Bramble). Just like brambles never know which way to grow and still produce sweet fruit and beautiful flowers, I love to explore all kinds of creative outlets and find the beauty in life!

You’ll find a section with links to all our goodies in the Etsy shop also! We carry finished product items, like shirts, totes and decals.  Digital designs that you can purchase and use to make your own items.  Ad free easy crochet patterns written with the beginner crocheter in mind or advanced squirrel (maker with a short attention span, like moi).

So, welcome! Come follow me on your favorite social media and sign up for the email list to get free printables and newsletters right to your inbox! When you sign up we’ll send you a coupon to save 20% in our Etsy Shop.  When you’re done exploring the page, I would love to hear what your favorite corner of the Avenue is!

Life doesn’t have to be easy, to be beautiful, but it’s sure a lot more fun when it is!

Have a Beautiful Day