who and what is bramble avenue

The “B” on Bramble Avenue

Isn’t it funny how when we’re asked to tell something about ourselves the first thought is usually, I’m his wife or I’m their mom. I hear my therapist saying (let’s not tell her she’s made a lasting impression btw) NO! Who are YOU? Who is Bunny (the B in Bramble)? And what is Bramble Avenue?

Well, the name is Bunny, yes, that’s my real name. In a nutshell, I’m a quirky, life loving, wife, mother, trauma survivor and now chronic illness warrior.

I want to inspire others to live their most beautiful life.  Help you find joy in your daily living!

I created Bramble Avenue to share inspiration on healing from trauma and the journey through learning to live with a chronic illness. Rambles about my life (see what I did there? B + ramble = Bramble) that I hope will inspire others to find the good in their own life.  To spread a little more kindness and love to create a more beautiful tomorrow.

We have an Etsy shop with great inspirational merch. Tees, hoodies, raglans, totes and decals. As well as, digital designs that you can purchase and use to make your own products too!

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Life doesn’t have to be perfect, to be beautiful!

Have a Fabulous Day