Day 1 trailerhood to industrial farmhouse

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breathing new life into an early 1990s double wide modular, one remodeled room at a time!

early 90s modular remodel
Where it all started!

It all started with an early 90s double wide modular out in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road. We were ready for some peace and quiet and giving the kids room to run when we found this little gem. Well my husband thought it was a diamond in the rough! After building 1 house and remodeling 2 other homes and a business, I should have never doubted him, but since day 1 I have been reluctant about the ability to take an old, not well maintained, modular and turn it into the home of our dreams. Although it’s been 9 years since we moved in and life has thrown a lot of stuff our way and slowed down all the remodeling plans we’ve had, we have been making progress over the years. Now we are ready and have a plan in place to take the inside from trailerhood to Industrial Farmhouse on a shoestring budget! Starting with the Master Bath!

Remodeling the double wide
New siding and windows gave us all new curbside appeal!

trailerhood to beautiful one project at a time

We started with new siding and windows over the last few years and yesterday was the beginning of a project we have been planning for almost 2 years now! The master bath remodel! Gutting it to the studs! Taking it from cheap Trailerhood to Industrial Farmhouse for UNDER $3,000! When the budget is small, it takes more time to plan and find all the supplies at a good price, it also takes vacation time from work and a lot of blood, sweat and tears. However when we finally get it done, all the effort will have been worth it! I hope you’ll enjoy sharing in our journey as we dig in and see if the bones really are good enough on this modular, that with some updates and a lot of TLC, it can give us another 30 years of beautiful country living.

Bathroom remodel 90s modular to industrial farmhouse
Taking it from 90s Double wide to Industrial Farmhouse!

Let the journey begin!

Day 1

Started with cleaning out the bathroom and gutting it to the studs. Seeing that we’ll need to put in a few studs on the wall where the 2 pieces of the double wide come together to give it more strength to hold up for years to come! Finding a lovely mouse nest and some wires we aren’t sure what they go to behind the wall the vanity was on. The best discovery of the day! The angled wall in the corner, was a dummy wall! The bathroom just got 2 feet more of space! We thought for sure the drain vent would be behind there and it’s not! It was in the wall between the shower and tub, which will now have to be moved as we are moving where pretty much everything was except the vanity!

fun begins of remodeling bathroom
When the power tools come out you know he means business!
Note the “dummy wall” we found! LOL! Why? Just why?

notable events

Most notable was dear hubby’s foot going through the floor at the soft spot where the shower had sat. The biggest reason we have been pushing to get to this project! Please people, DO NOT PUT CARPET IN A BATHROOM! We had stripped out the carpet before we even moved in and replaced with vinyl, but since the home had been lived in and used for years before us, the floor had had too much water damage and over time that wood has now finally rotted away. We were lucky he landed on the beam of the house underneath but I got a good laugh at teasing him, cause he knew that spot was bad!

The bones of a 90s modular to see if we can give it new life.
Getting down to the bones!

Stay tuned for upcoming days and pictures from our Trailerhood to Industrial Farmhouse Series! We hope you’ll be inspired to be able to take on your own DIY home remodel projects!

Want to see what kinds of things I’ll be putting in my beautiful new farmhouse bathroom? Check out my favorite crochet washcloth pattern here. I’m making them in my spare time so i can stock the new shelves of the bathroom soon!

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Would you take on a project like this? What’s your biggest DIY project? We would love to hear from you!

the adventure continues

Day 2

Day 3

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12 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to see what you guys are able to do! We are taking on some smaller DIY projects but sometimes I wonder what we are thinking, Haha! Right now I just want to get the interior painted. Fingers crossed I can get it done myself! 🙂

    1. Thanks Melissa! After Day 2 I was wondering if maybe we should have just moved!
      But I think we are through the worst and now the fun stuff of putting it all back
      together and seeing the end will be worth it!

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