day 6 picture worth 1k words

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Day 6: picture worth 1k words

Picture worth 1k words
Life doesn’t have to be easy to be beautiful!

When you’re standing there exhausted, at the end of another day. Trying to get just one more thing done. Hoping for just a little more progress. So you can fall into bed satisfied and ready for the next day. This moment happens. While I was feeling impatient and tired, this moment that I can only try and explain happens. This picture is worth 1k words and more! While circumstances and events in our lives have kept us struggling for a financially comfortable life. Nothing in our life, not both kids medical problems, not a house fire or a flooded restaurant basement, has taken away the love we have for our children. We have never stopped working to be better parents than we had. While our mothers tried their best, our fathers were not present. You don’t realize the affect this has on you until you see the love of a father for their kids and what a positive difference it is making in both their lives! As I stood there exhausted and ready to be done with this project for the day. I saw a moment that meant more to me than any new bathroom ever will. My daughter engrossed in learning how to measure, mark, cut, score and cut this piece of drywall. Her father taking the extra time to teach her. I realized how blessed we are to have these kids and each other. When you’re raised without a father and never having those moments, seeing your child have something that can never be bought in a store, you just hope that someday, when she’s older, she looks back and smiles and remembers that love that kept us all going when life was crazy.

support the walls for shelves
Planning ahead for the little things!

Raising hope with the ceiling

Day 6 brought more than just a piece of drywall on the ceiling! On top of finishing off hanging the ceiling, we figured out where we needed some extra support for things like shelves and toilet paper holders. If you’re working on updating your own modular home, keep in mind, the walls won’t hold a lot of weight, even with good wall anchors. We decided to do some measuring and planning so that we could put some 2”x6” pieces between studs. Which will give us some extra leeway when the walls are up and we’re ready to hang things. Shelves above the sink, towel racks, sign about the tub, toilet paper holder, these are all things that when you’re doing your own projects, you’ll need to keep in mind. It’s not just about paint and towel colors, it’s all the things that we use daily and take for granted.

bringing the pieces together
The beginning of my industrial vanity masterpiece!

all the pieces

It’s all the little things in life that add up to making it beautiful. Sometimes, it’s something as simple as sneaking in some time that’s just for me! So while Dad went and shuffled kids, I started the process of washing and prepping the first of the hardware for our new vanity! The industrial part of the Industrial Farmhouse look that I’m shooting for! These parts all come with a coating of grease to keep them from rusting. I learned when I started in on my little project that I’m glad I had my spray paint ready and my ornament painting stuff at hand! As soon as I scrubbed the grease off and gave the pieces an extra rinse, they were already starting to rust! Giving them time to dry and setting up my fancy painting station was all the prep they needed. This spray paint is amazing! Fast drying, rust preventing and great coverage! I’ll go back in another day for a 2nd coat, but the first coat really looks good! Anyone else excited to see all these pieces coming together?

Rustoleum for the win!

Ceilings, floors and pieces, oh my!

Now that the ceiling is up and the floors are down, all those pieces like shower, vinyl and walls will go in! Day 7 will take balance, like a coffee in each hand, but we are making progress now and you’ll see, the pictures are worth 1k words!

Is DIY and home remodeling your cup of tea? Or do you hire it out?

When the sweat is pouring and my body is aching, I find myself wondering, if I ever had the money to hire this out, would I? There is so much pride and love that go into our projects and it seems we’re always making it a time of family bonding and memories we laugh about for years to come! I’m not sure I’d ever give this up!


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