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Day 8: worth the wait

How to mortar under new shower base
Even the best laid plans can change!

While my husband is screaming from the bathroom when a bucket of mortar shatters as he’s trying to mix it. I’m in the kitchen trying to get cleaned up and sneak off for a couple of hours to my niece’s birthday party. I thought the tears were gonna happen, again! This project has been like that old movie The Money Pit. One thing after another! I took a deep breath after we got the mess contained and the mortar down for leveling the shower base. As I stood there helping lower the shower base and watching the hub level it with all the patience of a saint, I was reminded, it will be worth the wait! I am not a patient person by nature, something I’ve been working on a lot lately actually! It’s amazing when you spend a little more time on things how much better the quality is at the end!

mortar under shower base
2 bags of mortar, 3 gallons of water and a whole lotta love!

Some things are more important

Despite being late, I was so grateful when the hub cut me loose for the birthday party. Leaving behind the teenage daughter to help, I scooted off to see my favorite Niece for some hugs and laughs. These are the things that make life worth living!

why? Just why?

It’s funny to look back at when we purchased this house, there were double doors with windows in the Master Bedroom, leading to the bathroom. They had tacky brass designs on the glass. I remember standing there laughing, who thought this was a good idea? They were first to go, along with all the carpet through out the house (including the bathrooms!) when we bought the place. We had a short time frame for moving into the place and a great group of friends that came to help us strip, clean and lay new floors in that first week before we moved in. It was chaos, but we still laugh about those horrible doors to the Master Bathroom. Why? Just why? If you’re putting a door to a bathroom, it does NOT need a window!!!! LOL! So Day 8 and my “normal” size door opening happens. I can’t wait for you to see the door that we are putting in! 9 years of curtains on the bathroom doorway, gone forever!

changing double door to single door opening on modular
Why would you need double doors to a bathroom!

Early night!

Bathroom vent went in, more drywall went up, shower base is set and leveled. More hardware is painted and the vanity plans are coming together. The building of the vanity will be a DIY post all on it’s own soon. That’s one project I am so excited to share with you!

It has been years since I shopped for vanities or cabinets of any kind. I was rather shocked at the prices for a piece of furniture that you use daily and the poor quality of them. We saw great looking cabinets for as low as $450, but they were not built well enough to last. The vanities we found of higher quality, were so far out of our budget I knew I had to start doing some research. My husband is very talented when it comes to building most anything, but we only have so much time and I really do want a finished design that was informal and simple. Easy to clean and maintain also.

How to build an industrial farmhouse vanity
<3 My inspiration when planning our vanity build <3

These are some of the vanities that have given me inspiration for what you’ll be seeing us build very soon. While DIY is very rewarding at the end, it is also very time consuming. There is more research that goes into doing things yourself, then when you hire it out and just have cabinets and colors to pick out. I promise you, if you’re on a tight budget, the end result of DIY, is so worth the wait!

Current goals

Shower walls going in, rest of the drywall going up and then the floor goes down!

Have you ever put in a shower base? Did you level it with mortar?

This was news to me that you could put 1”-2” of thin set mortar under the shower base to level it and give it a more solid foundation. Despite the mess from the bucket shattering, it was a fairly simple and inexpensive part of this whole build! For our 60×34 base we mixed up 2 50lb bags of mortar and didn’t have to use it all. We used the cheapest they had at the hardware store, around $6 a bag. It won’t be seen and gave us the foundation we wanted so the base will last for years to come.


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