Remodeling manufactured home bathroom

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Day 10: energy running low

A few days ago we swore that when the walls went up and the floor went down our energy levels would sore! We might have forgotten to take in to account that we are older than the last time we did a big project! It may not have occurred to us that we still have two souls that depend on us for things like transportation and food. However, while the energy levels might be a little low, the spirits are high!

Vinyl floor and water lines

In between a grocery run and taking our son to his weekly therapy it was a nice boost to see the vinyl flooring go down. Did you know you can lay your own solid sheet of vinyl right over an existing floor and update a room in just a few hours? Start to finish this part of the project took us just under 3 hours. Check out tips for laying your own vinyl floor here.

DIY solid sheet vinyl flooring
Roll, glue, trim, repeat

While I was gone the husband and daughter spent hours under the house finishing up running drains and water lines to everything. It was great to come home and help finish putting in the shower head and faucet and finally see water coming into the room!

DIY bathroom remodel
I don’t know which is prettier, the new floor or water lines telling me we are almost there!

Yarning my way to calm

While I didn’t have a lot of time at home to help with the construction, I did have crochet time and started work on a new pattern for a thick and squishy bath mat. It feels like memory foam with texture! They’ll be available soon in the Etsy shop and the free pattern will be available here as soon as things calm down!

crochet bath mat free pattern
It’s so squishy!!!!

Getting closer all the time

We hope to have one last long day of putting in the shower doors, the toilet, mudding drywall and starting on the vanity. If all goes well in a couple of days we can finally do some resting. Cause drywall mud and poly need drying time!

DIY drywall mudding
First sign that we’re on the home stretch!

Now that we are only days away from a finished project I know it was worth it! This room doesn’t look like it belongs in this house, for now 🙂 Do you have a room in your house that doesn’t look like it belongs?


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