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day 2: blood, sweat and even tears

The ugly of remodeling
Between all the staples and the floor that didn’t want to leave, moving might have been an easier option!

DAY 2: The Floor

When you decide to remodel a building. Home or business. You never know what you’re going to get into. After all the home projects and remodeling a very old restaurant/bar, we know before we begin that there will be surprises. There will always be a part of the project that’s rough, that slows us down. You will always run into things the previous owners or even the builders have covered up. This time we planned ahead and decided we wouldn’t rush this project and stress ourselves out. My husband has taken 2 weeks off work so that we can not only take our time through this huge Trailerhood to Industrial Farmhouse project, but so that hopefully he gets a few days to recover before going back to work.


When we say we’re going to remodel something, we mean, gut to the studs. My husband does not believe in doing anything halfway. He won’t just cover past mistakes or paint over a water stain, nope, we gotta tear that crud out and start fresh. Funny thing is, while we are tearing into the floor on Day 2 of the Trailerhood to Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom I’m reminded how much like life that remodeling is. Just like we inherited past water damage on the floors, when we got married we each took on someone else that was damaged.

It has taken me 23 years to really appreciate my husband and not keep wanting him to change. This past year I learned that most of my life I had been trying to cover up old damage, not talking about it and ignoring it, just putting a fresh coat of “happy” on top and trying to go on, but the damage was there and slowly it was eating away at my happy until my own emotional house crumpled early in 2018. It has been a long slow process, like this remodeling, of scrapping out all the old hurts and rebuilding myself on a foundation of love not only for myself but for life. For those that know me and have seen my home before this, it was a reflection of the emotional mess I was on the inside. This Master Bath Remodel is just the start of showing off the new and improved, not so squirrelly me!

Making it a family event
Teaching the kids that life doesn’t have to be easy, to be fun!


Day 2 was the hardest and we hope the slowest day of the project. The Floor! The rotten spot, that was fairly easy to remove, until we got to the huge staples that needed removed off the floor joists, then we called in Miss Patience. Yes, our teenage daughter doesn’t get a free pass on this, we are just grateful that she enjoys helping out on these projects. Once we figured out a system to removing what solid flooring we did still have, the sledgehammer that my husband purchased for our FIRST home, before we even had kids, decided it couldn’t take anymore and broke! When the stress hits, sometimes you have to find the humor and when you live 20 minutes from town, having to go get anything is a big setback. My daughter helped decide on the new and improved sledgehammer and asked that she inherit it as it looks like it will last forever! She has named it Princess Sledge! Yes, we are that kind of crazy family! Always relying on humor to get us through!

Out with the old new with the new
Rust in Pieces to my husband’s old sledge and welcome to the family Princess Sledge!

adding 30 years to the house!

As the floor came up in pieces we saw that we had more problems to contend with. Plumbing we already knew that was going to have to be moved, as we are moving everything except where the vanity was. We found out there are no floor joists under the wall between the Master Bedroom and Master Bath! I think my year of therapy is making me see life a whole new way, cause as I’m standing there looking at the empty space under the doorway, I was reminded that we are working to make this home last another 20 or 30 years for us. Just like my marriage of 23 plus years, we are finding the weak points, giving them strength and working to make it last a long time into the future!

Adding Strength to the weak points
Adding strength to the weak points to give it another 20 years of life!

When Day 2 came to an end, we had a big open space, but the new joist was installed under the wall between the rooms, the plumbing is all cut and capped off. My husband had a talk with the new flooring before he crashed and told it to be good to him as we go into Day 3!

Getting to the roots so we can rebuild it beautiful
Starting at the bottom and working our way up!

Day 3 of Trailerhood to Industrial Farmhouse will be new sub floor down, running drains for where the toilet will now sit and the shower, as well as removing the old ceiling drywall. At least, those are the goals!

Are you enjoying following our journey? When you have remodeled, what’s something you’ve run into that has slowed down your progress?

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