Day 3 of the Bathroom series

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day 3: change of plans

New floor is in sight!
I can see the new floor!

still no wall color picked out

When you think about remodeling, do you think about really getting down to the bones? My husband and I have literally built a house and remodeled another. As well as taking on a 100 year old building our restaurant was in. When we say remodel, we know that we are going down to the bones. Today I was reminded that many people say remodel and they’re talking about fresh paint, maybe new furniture or flooring, they’re not considering that many people take on giant projects like gutting a Master Bath, right down to the bones. So today when I was apologizing to someone for forgetting something, explaining that I was up to my eyeballs in a bathroom remodel and her eyes lit up and she asked, “Oh, what colors are you doing?”. I had to laugh, cause for one, I haven’t actually picked my wall color! I have a few laid out. However, I do have the vinyl floor ready to lay down, when we get to that point. The brand new 60” x 34” walk-in shower with sliding glass doors, it’s ready and waiting in the barn to be hauled into the house and installed. The wood and metal pipes and fittings for the vanity, as well as the sweet vessel sink, they’re all just waiting to be stained, painted and put together. Wall colors? LOL! We haven’t even gotten all of the old wall and ceiling down. Today was the day we had a change of plans!

Sunsets on day 3, lots of plan changes
Man Plans, God Laughs, but then he gives us this gift!

plan change! roll with it!

As the sunsets on Day 3, I reflect back and remember the quote I have tattooed on my back, “Man Plans, God Laughs”. Today was a day, not of great progress, but of a change in plans. With trips to town for supplies and materials. Things like, realizing we aren’t as young as we once were, so knee pads were very necessary after waking up with bruises. Checking the weather and seeing that we have at least 3 days of rain coming in, so we needed to go ahead and get the drywall purchased and hauled home. Since we were making the big run to town, we went ahead and planned out all the plumbing moves now that the floor is out so that the new plumbing can be ran before permanently installing the new sub floor. We do have 2 pieces of the new sub floor cut and fit in, the new toilet flange is installed and the toilet is now unhooked on the old floor and will be moved easily tomorrow. We also went ahead and planned for extra floor support under the new free standing tub as well as support in the walls for hanging things like towel racks, a shelf above the vanity and even a sign I hope to create and hang above the tub. When you live in a modular and you tear off the walls to find the studs are only 2”x3” and 24” apart, you realize, that to decorate or use those walls, they’re going to need some extra support. We’ve purchased some 2”x6” boards that we’ll be cutting down to 24” lengths and installing between the studs in places where we plan to hang things. This will give us the extra support the walls need. Another tip, when you’re building or remodeling a bathroom, replace the sub floors with plywood! Not OSB or the shredded wheat stuff I have been helping haul out for the last 2 days. Solid plywood will survive a little moisture a lot longer then the cheaper options.

Materials for days
Gotta beat the rain!

Our greatest setbacks today were dehydration and exhaustion from Day 2 and the wrong size parts being stocked in the plumbing department. When you live 20 minutes one way to town, that is a big chunk of time to have to return for an exchange so that the new toilet drain can be installed.

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some of us still gotta work

My husband is lucky enough to have the vacation time from work for this project, I would love to say that being self employed, I have total flexibility in my “job”, but that’s not really the case. So today I also squeezed out a few hours of filling orders and keeping my business moving forward. Want to see more of what I do? You can check out my Etsy Shop or to see what we’re stocking in our Flea Market Booth come like the Bramble Avenue Facebook Page.

When you think Farmhouse style, what wall colors would you choose? I’m open to fresh ideas!

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