construction is his language of love

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Day 4: the language of love

Have you ever heard of the 5 languages of love? It is the best thing that my husband and I ever discovered last year. Learning about each other’s love language and understanding that we all have different ways of expressing and feeling love has made a huge difference in our relationship. Why am I talking to you about love languages when we are supposed to be talking about remodeling a bathroom? Well, this is my husband’s love language. Acts of service, or in his case, construction!

When his language of love is construction! Making tub dreams come true!

when floor support spells love

Today was the day we moved the toilet out and removed that section of floor, the area where my, hopefully, dream tub will sit when we are done. As the sweat is dripping off of us both and my husband is laboring over extra floor support for a large soaking tub that will hold, not only myself, but a large amount of water. I was reminded that this is his language of love. It has taken me over 20 years to appreciate what this man does for not only myself but our kids. He isn’t good at planning romantic getaways or buying me store bought gifts for Christmas or even my birthday. He has never been good at saying all the right things. Shoot, for years he didn’t say much at all. As I stood there handing him tools or material for the new floor support and realizing what it was for, I was reminded of all the 100s of projects he’s done for me in the past. I stood there smiling and thankful and told him how much I appreciate this! I might have also told him I am grateful enough to let him be the first to soak in the new tub! LOL!

remodel in progress
It’s got to get ugly before it gets beautiful!

my tub: the big maybe

When we were still in the process of exploring ideas for the new bathroom design, we knew what kind of budget we’d be working with and we knew what necessities we had to have. Our whole family needs a big shower, we have been living with this itty bitty shower since we moved in and we knew that the shower was priority one! The large corner tub that came with the house was not a great design and when you’re almost 6’ tall, it was not very comfortable for soaking. So with a small budget and one expensive priority, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get my tub. As we’re getting closer to the end of our budget, I’m still not sure I’m getting my tub right now. However, we did find the freestanding tubs at amazing deals at a local Habit Restore. So my dream tub is still within reach! Which means, all his efforts of Day 4, should not be wasted on empty space for long!

what lies beneath the new floor
So much work under these sheets of plywood!

What lies beneath

It’s funny to stand here looking at the clean new sub floor and wish that I could see more progress, like new drywall up! Then I remember how much work is under those sheets of plywood and I smile! Knowing that most of the behind the scenes work is done, the plumbing is in place for where the new shower will sit, where we are moving the toilet and even lines run for the tub that is a big “maybe” right now.

what’s to come

Even though this project is taking quite a bit longer then either of us could have expected, we are glad we planned for the extra time and aren’t pushing ourselves to do even more every day. Over the next couple of days I think we are going to see a lot more progress. The old ceiling comes out next and believe it or not, new drywall should be going up! Now that most of the old is out, the building can really begin!

Have you ever heard of the 5 languages of love? And totally off subject from the remodel, but what’s yours? How do you express or feel love? Can you guess what mine are, there are two.


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2 Responses

  1. Just wondered if you’ve checked out the “restore” that is in the old CarQuest building in Cville? Haven’t been in yet but I’m guessing it is on the order of the Habitat Restore. Looks interesting.

    1. Yes, they buy the pallets or boxes of returns and damaged stuff. Lots of interesting items. Best Restore we’ve found is in Avon, IN 🙂 That’s where I should be getting my tub! Fingers crossed!

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