Day 5: Can we save it

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Day 5: Can we save it?

Are you following this adventure because you have a modular of your own that you’d like to remodel? Have you ever thought about the life expectancy of a manufactured home? I did a little research on this, because after what I found on Day 5, I was worried we should rethink trying to save this home Numerous sites say 25-55 years for the usable life of an older “factory built home”. Everywhere I looked does say that it really depends on the year it was built and of course, the company that built it. There are many new companies building manufactured homes that are going to last, quite possibly, longer then a stick built, on site home. Things have come a long way in this business!

I had 2 amazing Grandmothers that helped raise me and taught me not to waste, it’s why I love re-purposing old into new, like upcycled jewelry and even home decor and furniture. Why wouldn’t I enjoy taking my husband’s word that the bones of this house were good and we could make it our own over time?

Old ceiling has to come down
Before I make the first hole, I pray nothing dead or alive falls out!

getting down and dirty

He lied! He said the floors were going to be the worst. After all the old floor was out and all the plumbing was moved, it would be smooth sailing. So Day 5 comes and the kids need to be taken to work and training. He needs more odds and ends from the hardware store. So he gives me instructions and gets me started on removing the old ceiling. With shovel and rake, yes! Garden tools! I tear into the ceiling. First surprise, cause he didn’t check, cause who doesn’t love surprises? Blow in insulation. Recycled newspaper stuff! Yes, that’s what is in our attic. The walls have the beautiful pink rolls, so he thought the attic would too. The first hole we make brings down a shower of brown paper and dust. I smiled and laughed and thought, if I didn’t love you so much and this bathroom wasn’t going to be just so amazing, I would exchange you for someone with more money. LOL!!!! With dust mask and safety glasses on, and fear in my heart, cause you don’t know what else may come down after 30 years trapped, I tore in! 6 or 8 trash cans full of insulation and drywall pieces later, I realize, that stuff is NOT coming off the joists! When he returned from his second trip to town and I showed him that I’d chiseled and pulled and done everything I could, but that drywall was glued, yes glued, to those joists. We had yet another detour on this journey to saving the house!

Before it can be beautiful it has to get dirty
Not sure who thought this was a good idea!

Just gonna cover that up

It took some time, but he decided, for the first time ever in a remodel project, we are just going to cover that mess up! So, if you’re in the market for a home in 20 years and happen to come see this one. When you go to do your own remodel, I hope you don’t need a new ceiling! Cause what the next people are going to find is our cover up! The home will be insulated, because we believe strongly in controlling our heating and cooling costs. The home will be strong, because we want it to last. But on the other side of the beautiful new ceiling, it ain’t gonna be pretty! LOL!!! We will save this home!

The ceiling goes up
What hope looks like! First piece of new drywall is up!

When can I shower?

Day 5 was the dirtiest day of them all, but the old ceiling is down! The first piece of new drywall is on! NOW! We can start cruising! New drywall going up, shower going in, vinyl floor will be laid. Over the next few days you will finally start seeing it all come together!


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wall color, help me decide
Grey, beige or country white

Have you been following our adventure? Do you know I still haven’t picked a wall color? Here is a collage of colors and items that will be in the bathroom. Drop me a comment and let me know what wall color you would choose!

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