Day 9 Raising my heroes

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Adults and kids with Autism
Teaching our son that Autism is not the end of the world

Day 9: raising my heroes

First day since we started this project, that nobody had to be anywhere! No appointments, no jobs, no training, no nothing! Giving ourselves a little break and sleeping in felt so good! Reflecting back on the week and where we started. I spent some time before everyone woke up, just looking at all the pictures. I enjoyed my coffee alone, in silence, while the rest of the house slept. Looking back and feeling quite proud of all we’ve accomplished. When I think about everything it takes, from demolition to rebuilding, I am amazed at what my husband is able to accomplish. The knowledge he has from years and years of home DIY that started back when he was a teenager. It’s amazing to watch him share that knowledge with our kids so they can use it for their own homes some day.

I have mentioned numerous times about our daughter helping and learning, what I haven’t talked about, is the work our son has put in. While he hasn’t helped a lot with building, but has helped haul some material in. The work he has done to stay calm through this project is what makes him my hero! There are things we don’t talk about much, because they’re just a part of our lives, but sometimes, we need to acknowledge things so that others know they’re not alone. Our son is on the Spectrum. He was diagnosed years ago with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Among many other emotional disabilities like Sensory Disorder, Bipolar and Severe Anxiety, to name a few. When he is faced with a major disruption in routine, it can cause us major setbacks in his progress to learning to live on his own. Things like his Dad being off work for a day or 2, vacations away from home, even something like an appointment getting rescheduled can throw him off for days. We try our best to prepare him for any kinds of changes and he has been in therapy since he was young to help cope with things we all take for granted. Today while I was looking back at our week, I realized, he hasn’t had a single meltdown. He was able to get up and go to work at his part-time job all 4 of his scheduled days. We are here, on Day 9, all of us frustrated and trying to stay calm. Five days past when we thought we’d have the shower back in and he is still OK! This may not seem like much to most people, but when you live with and are the main caregiver to an Austistic Adult or child, this is a milestone that we are putting on the calendar.

Between our daughter learning about drywall to crawling under the house and helping with the plumbing and our son doing what he needs to do to get through this momentous disruption in our routine, I realized today, that I really am raising my heroes!

Living with Autism
My kids, my heroes!

Bring me a hose!

When the shower walls went in and the drywall up around it, all I could think was, who needs fancy plumbing? Just bring me a hose! I got this! That would be some real Farmhouse Style LOL! Truth though, seeing all this new drywall and having the shower in, is proof that we are getting somewhere!

New Shower Stall in Modular home
No more cramped showers!

Send in the vinyl

Tomorrow will be exciting as we’re preparing to bring in the vinyl. Laying a single large piece so that there are no seams. Making the bathroom more resistant to any water damage in the future and save the floor for years to come.

Is water a concern for you in the bathroom? Kids splashing in the tub? People that drag half the shower out with them before they’re dry? Want tips on preserving your floors when they’re bound to get wet daily?


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