moving foward quote

keep moving forward

It doesn’t matter that I move slower today. What matters is that I keep moving forward! when we push too hard Last week I pushed

have a beautiful day

every morning is a new chance

Every morning is a new chance! To make a difference. To touch a heart, encourage and inspire others. It’s a new chance to have a

chronic illness tired

chronic illness tired

There’s tired and then there’s I drink coffee all day and still nap in the afternoon, chronic illness tired! I exercise and eat cleaner these

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Stop taking it for granted!

If recent events in the world have taught us anything, it’s that we should NOT be taking anything for granted anymore! The pandemic of 2020,

be the good image

Be the good!

Be the good you want to see in the world! The energy you put out, will come back in multiples. They admire my strength and

learning from our ancestors

Let’s learn from our ancestors

Let’s take some time, right now, to learn from our ancestors. I want to challenge families that are home right now “social distancing” to share

one sunrise at a time

Take it one sunrise at a time

Learning together to take it one sunrise at a time! Our entire world is facing uncertainties that our generations have never seen. Before today, we