Cotton Candy Hooded Scarf free pattern

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Ad free Printable pattern cotton candy hooded scarf
It’s so fluffy!!!!

It’s soft and furry and oh so cute! Who doesn’t need a sweet Cotton Candy hooded scarf WITH pockets! Nobody else ever wears leggings and a sweatshirt to their kids’ sports practices or games? Maybe when you run them to the bus. It’s a bit chilly out and you might need to carry your keys, phone, wallet or have a place for your hands. I feel like an infomercial for this crazy cute thing! And adding the fur trim just makes it so sweet!!! Scoodies, as they’re called in the world of crochet, are a great addition to most any winter wardrobe! And the Cotton Candy hooded scarf is a great thing to have hanging by the front door to grab when you head out!

This pattern works up pretty quickly with single and double crochet alternating stitches to give you a little texture and fluff. Would be great in a lot of different color combinations. Red with White trim for Valentine’s or Christmas. Pastels for Easter. You can even find the fur like yarn in many different colors and could maybe do school or sports team colors!

So Download your FREE .PDF Cotton Candy Hooded Scarf pattern, grab your yarn and hook, kick back with your favorite show this weekend and whip up this super cute project!


Body of Scoodie:

Worsted Weight Yarn (4) Approx 650 yds


Bernat Pipsqueak yarn or fur yarn of a size 4 or 5. Approx 50 yds

Crochet Hook – J/6mm

Fabric Tape Measure


Yarn Needle


Ch – Chain

SC – Single Crochet

DC – Double Crochet

Sl St – Slip Stitch

Numbers in ( ) Stitch Count for row


I used Lion Brand Basic Stitch Anti-Pilling in Grey White. I love the Heather Grey look that came from this yarn. Bernat Pipsqueak for the fur trim.


BEGINNER FRIENDLY! Written in American Terms.

Works up fast, just SC and DC alternating. You don’t really need to count rows, just have your tape measure ready when it’s getting good and long!


6” = @24 ROWS


CH 27

ROW 1 – Turn and SC in 2nd from hook, SC across (26), CH 1 and turn

ROW 2 – SC in 2nd space from hook, DC in next, [SC, DC repeat across], last stitch should be DC, CH 1 and turn

ROW 3-285 (-/+) Repeat ROW 2, SC,DC,repeat.

When your scarf is about 72” long, cut and leave a tail of about 10” (for sewing up one side of pocket)


Add hood to the cotton candy hooded scarf

To create your hood, lay your scarf out flat and fold in half

Mark the middle with a stitch marker

Measure 8” from middle out on both sides and mark

Creating about a 16” area on the rough edge

Remove your middle stitch marker after marking both sides

Placing hook at one stitch marker, SL ST to start hood

Then SC across, from marker to marker in the rough edge

about 66 stitches. Placing each SC as evenly as you can.

If 66 SC doesn’t work for your space, you can do less or more SC

Keeping in mind you need an EVEN NUMBER of SC to start your hood.

Once you’ve completed the first row of SC, CH 1 and turn

ROW 2 – SC in 2nd space from hook, DC in next, [SC, DC repeat across], last stitch should be DC, CH 1 and turn

ROW 3-30 (+/-) Repeat ROW 2, SC,DC,repeat.

You will want to measure and be sure your hood section is about 8” or so tall before stopping.


How to sew the hood on the cotton candy scarf

(you can cut your end, leaving a tail for sewing ORkeep hook in and join with SL ST)

Lay your scarf out flat

Bring the top corners of your hood section in till they meet.

Now forming a triangle

Join the seam from front to back either by SL ST or Whip stitching with your end.

Turn your hood with seam on the inside and you now have a hooded scarf and are ready to add the pockets!

Pockets for your hooded scarf


What makes this cotton candy hooded scarf even more fun and useful? Pockets!!!

Laying your scoodie flat, seam of your hood on the inside. You are working on the outside, right side of your project.

Take the ends of the scarf and fold them in about 6”

on either side.

Sew up the sides from folded corner to top of pocket

Where the 4 dotted lines are in the image —>



How to add the fur trim

Placing your hook in one corner of your scarf, SL ST and SC around, 2 rows of SC on the top of the pockets.

See illustration.

Cut and tie and weave in your ends.

And enjoy your fun and cozy hooded scarf


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