Easy Keto pancakes

No flour keto pancakes

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No flour keto pancakes
No flour Keto Pancakes
Lemon zest to beat the eggy taste!
Lemon zest or extract to kick that eggy taste

Easy Keto Pancakes

2 oz cream cheese (softened)

2 eggs

3 drops vanilla extract

1 tsp lemon zest or couple drops lemon extract

1 Tbl HWC

To Make the pancakes:

I prefer to use my Magic Bullet blender but you can make this with a mixer also. Blend until smooth and set to the side until your pan heats up.

Set your stove to medium heat and pour a couple of tablespoons of batter in the pan, slowly, to help keep your pancakes a little thicker. I like to use my Pampered Chef large scoop for each pancake and just pour slowly.

Pampered Chef Scoop Keto pancakes
Pour slow for a thicker pancake

They will need to cook a little longer than regular pancakes on each side. If your pan tends to stick you’ll want to use a little butter to keep them looking nice. I prefer to use my Pampered Chef non stick cookware so that I use less butter (however, the butter does add a nice flavor)

Making the pancakes small like this you’ll get 8-10 of them out of this recipe, about 4 servings.

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