Free Pattern: Crochet Poncho for 18 in Doll

Doll Poncho

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free doll poncho pattern
I think she likes the gifts!

A girl and her doll, it just doesn’t get any cuter than this! This free doll poncho pattern was created with my Niece in mind. She loves to watch me crochet and I hope someday I can teach her how. But for now, I was glad to be able to make this set for her as a gift! Doesn’t she make the cutest model?

All of my patterns are created with the beginner in mind, however, this one might be on the high end of beginner skill level, not because of the stitches, but due to the assembly and Right Side/Wrong Side and Front Loop/Back Loop. I will be making a video soon on how to assemble as well as all these other little details, but for now, there are lots of great crochet video tutorials out there to help you. As always, you’re welcome to send messages through the Facebook page, email me or comment on the post with any questions you may have about the pattern.

The affordable Ad Free Printable PDF of this pattern is available in the Etsy Shop. As an added bonus, you get both the doll size and the girl size when you purchase the pattern.

The matching Free Girl Size (10-14) Poncho Pattern can be found here.

We are quite literally only a couple of weeks away from Christmas right now, but if you’ve got an evening or afternoon available, this Doll Size Poncho can be whipped up in just a couple of hours and would make a great unique gift. The girl size might take most of a weekend, but hey, it’s chilly out in my neck of the woods so crocheting a gift is always a great excuse for cozy blankets, comfy chairs and binge watching some favorite shows.

free Doll poncho pattern


DK/3 yarn – about 100 yds

Hook – H/5mm


Yarn Needle

Buttons (optional)


CH – Chain

ST – Stich

SK – Skip

SC – Single Crochet

SCBLO – Single Crochet in Back Loop Only

SCFLO – Single Crochet in Front Loop Only

HDC – Half Double Crochet

WS – Wrong Side (inside of piece)

RS – Right Side (outside or side that will be seen)


I chose to use a DK/3 yarn for a couple of reasons. First being that this is a smaller item of clothing for a doll and to get the details of the ribbed bottom and the edging on the sides, you need to work with a smaller yarn and hook. I also just love this YarnBee Soft n Sleek yarn from Hobby Lobby and it comes in such pretty colors. I wanted to use this yarn for the girl sized poncho also, so that it is lighter weight and can be worn more often, both indoors and out. It does take more time to create the girl size poncho, but the end result is worth it!


This project is made in 3 pieces; the front, back and neck, then sewn together and trim is added last.

Front and back are worked from bottom up, making the ribbed edging first, then rows across the top of the ribbing and up to create front and back panels.

If you choose to use a worsted/4 yarn and larger hook, you will need to use measurements to gauge your starting chains and rows, as well as where to stitch the pieces together.


PANEL 1 & 2

Creating the ribbing of the bottom hem first.

CH 6

ROW 1- Turn and SC in the 2nd back loop from the hook and every ST to the end (5 ST)

ROW 2 – 52 – SCBLO in every ST (5)

(At the end of row 52, you’re going to turn your work as to start crocheting along the edge, length wise, so that you can add the body of the front or back panel now.)

ROW 1 of panel body

SC along the edge, going down a ST (see photo), 40 SC across spaced out as evenly as possible.

ROW 2 – Turn, CH 2, SC in 4th ST from Hook, CH1, SK ST, (SC, CH 1, SK), doing this to the end. SC in last ST.

ROW 3-32 – Turn, CH 2, SC in first CH Space made by CH 2 of previous row, CH 1, SK, SC in next CH Space and repeat to the end. (SC in CH Space, CH 1, SK, repeat)

Leave a tail long enough to sew panel at the top and cut and pull through.

You will repeat this for panel 2.

Collar Piece:

CH 11

ROW 1- Turn and SC in the 2nd back loop from the hook and every ST to the end (10 ST)

ROW 2 – 52 – SCBLO in every ST (10)

At the end of row 52, you can leave a tail and whip stitch Row 1 to row 52 or do a Slip Stitch across to join and form the collar. Cut and leave a tail to attach collar to the panels.


Lay panel 1 with WS facing down, lay panel 2 on top of panel 1, with WS facing up, so both RS are touching. (you choose, but with this stitch, both sides of the panels should look very similar)

Using the tails left on the tops of the panels, stitch the pieces together, about 1 ½ inches on either side, leaving the middle open for the collar. Now lay the collar flat with WS out inside (between the panels) opening left at the top of the panels. You can use stitch markers or safety pins to place the collar evenly inside the opening before stitching. Using the tail from the collar, attach to the panels. Once these pieces are all assembled you will crochet on your side trim. To do this you will turn your piece RS facing out and starting at the bottom corner and working your way up panel 1 and across panel 2 (hem corner to hem corner), HDC along the edge evenly spaced as possible. Turn at the end, CH 2, HDC back in the BACK LOOP ONLY all the way across. Then CH 1 and turn and SC in the FRONT LOOP ONLY to finish off your side trim. Doing this on both sides of the poncho, always starting with WS facing in. You can choose to add small buttons which will fit inside HDC stitches without needing a button hole. Then cut and weave in all your ends.

I would love to see your finished project! Come visit us on Facbook @Bramble Avenue and share your photos. See what’s new and get inspiration for your next project!

Please do not copy, redistribute or sell my pattern in any way. You are more than welcome to sell your finished
product. I hope they are a very hot item for you!! I just ask that you please credit me for the pattern so other makers can find me as well. You may not use my pictures and pass them off as your own for they are my property. Thank you for your understanding.

If you’re selling finished pieces online, I ask that you please link back to the pattern post on my website 

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