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19 days and you’re still not done?

When Quitting isn’t an option

Do you ever decide to do something and go public with it? Sharing on social media or with friends or co-workers about a diet or exercise program? Starting a business? Saving up money for something? Then, when the results aren’t coming as fast as you want, you stop. You stop telling people about the health benefits and not just the weight you’re losing. You stop sharing what you’re learning on your journey of starting up a business. You get embarrassed and maybe you even fall off the wagon, making excuse after excuse. Well, we are human, and these things happen. We never know what we can accomplish though, unless we try! And sometimes, like when you’re renovating a bathroom, quitting isn’t an option! So even if you have started something 100 times in the past and stopped, don’t think that the next time has to be the same! Would you believe I’ve owned 3 websites before this one? Every time I think, this is going to be different. I won’t get scared, I will take one day at a time. And every time before this, I get scared and I stop. I don’t tell anyone and I just let it all fade away. This time though, I regrouped! I picked myself back up and we are moving forward! So whatever it is that you’ve been trying to accomplish, don’t give up! Sometimes, you just need one more try!

Now that we are back on a roll with the project, the time has come to get back into our daily routines. My husband’s vacation time is over and I have orders that need filled. While this project is not over, the next posts you’ll be seeing before the big reveal will be all the smaller projects that are going into the finishing touches. Crochet patterns for hand towels and bathmats, a toilet tank box project, some different wall art and sign projects, just to name a few! I hope you’ll keep following us as we finish up all the details. The big reveal is still a week or 2 away, but now that the paint is going on and the vanity is getting done, seeing this project really coming together is giving me a little more inspiration to share the journey!

Day 11: last of the long days!

Another full day of renovations! Drywall mudding, cutting and staining of the vanity shelves, painting the legs, as well as the toilet and shower door frame in.

DIY Industrial Vanity
The start of a beautiful thing!

Day 12: over budget and out of steam

Yes, we are over budget now and running low on energy. At the end of this project we will break down where we spent that money so you’ll know what kind of expenses to expect if you’re looking at doing your own remodeling. Even over budget, we are still way under what the average remodel costs. The time has come where things need time to dry or set. Drywall mud layers and wood stain, but we did get shower doors in and enjoyed using the shower for the first time! It is officially 2 tall and fat people approved!

Remodeling a modular
It’s the little things, like a big shower and a working toilet, that make me happy LOL!!!!

Day 13: exhausted but happy!

We have a working shower and toilet. Despite the drywall and vanity not being done yet we have moved out of the kids’ bathroom and are making due. After enjoying the new shower for the first time, I can honestly say, the blood, sweat and lots of tears, was well worth it! To not bump my elbows on the sides or my head when I try shaving my legs. Going from a 36” x 36” shower to 60” x 34”, this fat girl, is over the moon happy! First coat of poly went on the vanity and another coat of drywall mud is up. I’ve reclaimed my dining room and hope to find the energy to reclaim our bedroom from the tools and construction mess soon! Home DIY doesn’t seem to stay contained to just one room. It spreads like a disease. It affects just about every aspect of your routine, especially when you’re doing a bathroom or a kitchen. Rooms that you use on a daily basis are the worst. Now we start the process of cleaning up the rest of the house and working to get back into our routine. My husbands two weeks of “vacation” time is coming to an end and it’s back to work for him soon. We still have lots of odds and ends to finish up on this project and we will still be working on some aspect of it daily for at least another few weeks. I will continue to keep everyone updated and share all the detail projects as we go. Towel rack shelves, a farmhouse toilet tank topper box, toilet paper holder and a few other goodies and how you can make your own will be coming up soon!

What renovating really looks like
The real hazards of renovation! Can’t keep the mess contained!

Day 14: down day

Can it really be true? Has it really been 2 weeks since we started this? We both had this fantasy in our heads that by now we’d be soaking in the tub (still not purchased) or kicking our feet up with a feeling of accomplishment cause the project was done and we could relax! Well, reality has set in and we are coming to terms with the fact that not having a crew of help, being over 40 now, and 2 kids that are now always busy, but they don’t drive yet have all contributed to the delay in getting farther on this project. Today we took a little down time though, needing to recharge between coats of poly and the last of the drywall mud. Tomorrow we will finally start on the finishings. Drywall sanding and paint are in the forecast now!

DIY Industrial Vanity
A little test of how the vanity will go together soon!

Day 15: drywall dust and paint

Paint is finally purchased, drywall is sanded! It felt so good to get that first coat of primer on the walls and ceiling! It looks so clean and new! Almost makes me want to leave it white LOL!

Paint and fun of remodeling
Can you find the sneak peek of the wall color I finally chose?

Days 16-19: paint, work, paint, let poly cure

Paint the walls, paint the ceiling, go back to working, buy and paint the trim. Make a run to the craft store for canvas and yarn. Cause now I get to do some fun stuff! While I wait for the poly to cure on the vanity. Tip: If you’re going to build your own vanity, build it before you start the remodel! LOL! 3 day cure time after the last coat before it is safe for us to cut the top for the sink and put it together. Due to us moving almost everything in this bathroom; toilet, shower and tub, we had to wait until everything else was in before deciding on the final measurements for the vanity. It will be worth the wait and for the cost, I am thrilled with how it is turning out! Vanities come in pretty standard sizes, 24”, 36”, 42”, 48” and 60”. While there are a few other odd sizes out there, it is very difficult to find a 42” and we went with 44” when we built ours to get the most out of our space. You can have custom cabinets built, but you’re going to be paying someone else for their labor. If you have basic woodworking skills, this vanity we are building, is very DIY friendly! Look for the DIY Vanity post coming soon!

Letting the poly cure
Coat after coat after coat, but look at that shine!!!!

I know from messages and comments on our Facebook that some of you are almost as anxious as we are to see this project completed. In these days of instant results, I look back and laugh, cause this renovation is teaching me patience on a very large scale!

Is there a part of this project you’d like to know more about? Or something you’re looking forward to seeing us get done? Drop us a comment and let us know!


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