Our lives are made up of two dates and a –

It’s how we choose to live that -Dash- that matters!

We only live once!

The Live the Dash design that we have available in our Etsy Shop was given to us by a friend in remembrance of their brother. From the first time they sent me the design to make decals for their family, I fell in love with it. The gentle reminder, that we only live once. Since losing my mother when I was only 25, I am often reminded that life is short and the time we get with family and friends is precious. Sometimes, in the middle of the chaos of raising kids and working, we often forget that there is more out there. So whatever your dash stands for! We hope you’re out there living it!

You can purchase car decals, shirts and interior wall decals from our Etsy Shop.

We would love to see how you’re living your dash! Tag us in your photos #brambleavenue and comment below and let us know how you’re living your dash!