How to Organize A Temperature blanket

How to organize a large crochet project

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How to organize a temperature blanket

Need tips on how to organize your temperature blanket? Are you working on a crochet or knit weather blanket or other temperature project for 2020? This is my first time doing a Temperature Blanket. I have been working for weeks to get all the things organized to make sure I’m successful in completing my year long project.

It’s still only the first week of the year, so there’s still time for you to do your own temperature blanket or even a scarf or cardigan for this year.

Here is a list of things you’re going to need and that might be helpful to organize and stay on track with your own crochet or knit weather project.

#1 Pattern

First thing you’ll want to decide on is the pattern for the project you’re going to make. There are many different temperature projects, the most common being a blanket or throw, but you can choose to make a sweater or a scarf also.

I chose to do a blanket and I wanted to do something a little different than the usually rows. I found this beautiful C2C Temperature Blanket Free Pattern at It’s All in a Nutshell Crochet

#2 Temp/Color Chart

After you decide on your pattern, you’re going to need to decide how many colors you want to work with and your range of temps. I’m working with 11 chosen colors (12 if we have any days above 100, but I’ll decide that last color if we get there in July or Aug LOL!) I chose 10 colors based on a range of 10 degrees 0-100, and then added white for my below 0 temperature.

Temp and Color Chart
Easy to make your own temp/color chart


One of the most important parts of this projects, your yarn! You want to pick something of a lighter weight, a material that you’ll really enjoy working with (366 rows this year!) and colors that are pretty common between a few brands, JUST IN CASE! The ones you pick at the start of year, aren’t available in 6 months LOL! I chose Hobby Lobby’s Soft n Sleek with it’s large selection of colors and hoping they won’t discontinue any before the end of the year. I purchased 1 skein of each color that I’ll need so that I have at least a little to start the year with. Due to the weather changing so much from year to year, there is really no way to guess how much of each color you’ll need, so I’m playing it by ear and will shop for more yarn throughout the year as I need more of each color.

#4 Temperature Data

Funny thing, one of the things I was having a hard time with, finding a good website to get my local weather information. I didn’t want anything complicated or a fancy chart, I just wanted to be able to put in the date and see what the high for that date was. This Farmer’s Almanac is the best website I found and so far it has worked great! You’ll want to work 1 day behind if you crochet on your project daily so that you can see the high within that 24 hour period. (Ex. Today is 1/6 so I looked up the temperature for 1/5/2020 this morning and recorded that for my next row, tomorrow I’ll look up today’s data)

#5 Tracking Calendar or Chart

The pattern I chose came with a great weather tracking chart, but my new planner this year also has a daily tracking page for the whole year and as I’m working on 2 year long projects (the other is cleaning out my house!) I am using those pages in my planner to record the daily high temp and also my 20 out in 2020 progress. Whatever you choose to use, it doesn’t have to be anything complicated, even a piece of notebook paper clipped to your pattern that you can write on will work fine.

Tracking calendar
Love my Happy Planner!

#6 Storage

Ok peoples…this might be a big one! I mean, you might need a good sized tote or bin or bag or box or whatever it is you’re going to keep all your yarn, the project and the pattern in, so that you can find everything on the days that you sit down to crochet a row or 2 or 7 🙂 I did some searching on Pinterest and found some different yarn storage ideas and I already had one of these totes (this size in link is just a little shorter than mine) in my linen closet. I picked mine up a few years ago to sort out linens and blankets in the hall closet, but this larger size works great and will hold all 12 (if I need another color) of the skeins of yarn AND I fed each color through the side and marked the temperature range for each color. Now when it’s time to sit down and crochet on this project, I can just grab my recorded temps and pick up right where I left off, without needing to search and grab through a bag of yarn. As the skeins run low, changing them out shouldn’t be too difficult as they’re just stacked nicely on top of each other and I’ve pulled from the middle so they shouldn’t shift a lot as I use them. You could also use a tote with a lid and stand your skeins upright and pull that way. As long as you know what colors you’re needing and you can keep them kind of separated, there are many different options for storing and keeping this project handy all year.

Tote to sort yarn
I hope I’m still this organized at the end of 2020!

#7 Gauge

Yep! If you’re working with a pattern or even freehanding this, you are going to want to whip up a swatch and measure! Especially this year, with an extra day thrown in LOL! I’m really glad I worked up a gauge swatch. As well as also reading through the pattern a bit more before starting. This pattern calls for a much thinner yarn and a smaller hook, to keep the blanket at a nice usable size. Had I not taken into account that I’m using a standard (4) worsted weight yarn and was going to use the hook that the yarn package suggested, pretty sure my “blanket” would have turned into a living room rug by this summer! But I made a couple of swatches with different sized hooks and made myself notes in the pattern to check my sizes. Good thing about the C2C, I can work to the width I want and then up. My blanket is going to be bigger than the pattern. I already knew I wanted a good full or queen size blanket so I can put it over our sofa next year 🙂

Watch your swatch
An inch here could mean MANY inches in the end!

So, now that you know what you need….or maybe you’ve already started and you wanted some tips on organizing….I would love to hear which tips helped or share what patterns you’re using for your project this year.

We’d also love to have you join us on the Facebook Page and feel free to share photos of your project or how you’re keeping it organized for the year.

Not ready to tackle a large year long project? I’ve got a couple great Free Crochet Patterns that you can whip up in a day or a weekend….

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