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Shift, my word of the year! Do you make resolutions? Pick a word of the year? Set measurable goals? A few years ago, when my life started to drastically change because of my health, I really had to dig deep and figure out ways to push myself to focus on what I CAN do. I found a lot of articles and tips on picking a “word for the year”. In 2020 my word was abundance, and it helped me to focus on being thankful and looking at all the good things that were happening around me. This year, 2021, my word is shift.

shift definition word art free printable
Shift – to change the emphasis, direction, or focus of

Word of the Year – Shift

Are you thinking this is kind of a strange word to focus your whole year on? Well, as the world is changing, so are our lives. Even before the pandemic, I was learning to live my life with a neurological disorder. Shift has different meanings but this is the one that stuck with me when I was looking for a word to center my goals for the year. A verb meaning to shift emphasis, direction or focus.

So for me, the year will be about shifting the focus of my business from physical products to more digital products. It will be the shifting of my focus on my health from “learning” to “doing”. I’ve got the basics down of what I can do, now it’s time to put them into practice. As a family we are working on a new direction of our finances now that we are spending a lot less, we are going to focus on paying down debt and fixing up our home more.

There are so many words out there to choose from, so figure out what your goals are and then look at a word that brings it all together. Then print it out, with a little motivational quote or meaning and post it somewhere you can see it everyday this year.

shift art quote free printable
A happy life starts with your mind. shift your thoughts from negative to positive and watch your blessings multiple.


Print on any good quality paper on high quality or photo setting of printer, frame or as I like to do, put it on a hanging clipboard. I love to change out these printables for different moods and energy. They make great last minute gifts too! Check out more of our printables here.

The free shift definition printable also make great 4×6 cards to send to inspire and share with friends and coworkers!

Maybe add a reminder in your Planner and add it to your Goals for 2021 to come back again! We are always adding free printables to keep you motivated and inspired all year long!

I would love to hear where you use this in your home or office or if you make it into a card. So many possibilities.

Stay Shiny & Kind and Have a beautiful day!

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