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Sunflower coaster or make it bigger and make it a dishcloth! Use 100% cotton yarn and they’ll hold their shape better, wash after wash! The free crochet pattern is easy to follow.

Best thing about Sunflower coasters? The color combinations are endless!

The free pattern is great for beginners and they’re super easy to whip up in bulk to sell at festivals and markets. Don’t forget Christmas gift season too! Lots of people love Sunflowers! Coworker, cousins, friends – everyone is getting coasters for gifts this year!

sunflower coaster free crochet pattern
Sunflower Coaster FREE crochet pattern

Printable pattern with photos is available in the Etsy shop.

Show us your coasters on the Bramble Avenue Facebook page! If you’re selling them online, send us a message and we can help you advertise too!

fall sunflower crochet pattern
Free Sunflower Pattern



Crochet Hook – I/5.5mm


Yarn Needle

Worsted Cotton Yarn


MC – Magic Circle

SC – Single Crochet

DC – Double Crochet

HDC – Half Double Crochet

TR – Triple Crochet

DTR – Double Triple Crochet

Sl St – Slip Stitch

Picot St – Picot Stitich (Chain 2 and sl st to the first ch)


100% cotton yarn is best for items like these. It washes well, heat tolerate and is better at holding it’s shape.

The coaster pattern is fun to make a variety of colors! Inside green and yellow, burgundy or rust petals. Use your imagination and enjoy!


Start with your inside (brown) yarn color:

Round 1: Magic circle and Ch2 (doesn’t count as a st), 5 HDC onto the MC , Sl St into 1st HDC.

Round 2: Ch2 (doesn’t count as a st), 2 HDC in each st around (10) Sl St into 1st HDC at beginning of round

Round 3: Ch2 (doesn’t count as a st), 2 HDC in each st around (20) Sl St into 1st HDC at beginning of round

Round 4: Ch2 (doesn’t count as a st), 2 HDC in each st around (40) Sl St into 1st HDC at beginning of round

Change to petal color (yellow) yarn:

easy sunflower crochet pattern
Easy Sunflower Free Pattern

Round 5: Ch3 (counts as a st), *TR into same st, DTR into next st, Picot st (top of DTR), DTR into same st, TR into next st, DC into same st, loosely Sl St into same st, SC into next st, Sl St and CH3 into next st Repeat from * ending on a Sl St into 1st petal. Fasten off. (10 petals)

Need help with making a TR or DTR stitch? Google, Pinterest and YouTube have lots of tutorials, both written and video instructions, to help with new stitches.

One easy alteration to the pattern to make it a dishcloth is to add another round of 2 HDC in every stitch for a total of 80 and then add more petals by just repeating the petal pattern until the inner circle is full.

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