chronic illness tired

chronic illness tired

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There’s tired and then there’s I drink coffee all day and still nap in the afternoon, chronic illness tired! I exercise and eat cleaner these days, I do whatever I can do, to try and get more hours out of my days.

Chronic illness tired, fatigue, is not a normal tired. It’s like the tired to your bones that you feel when your kids are first born and not sleeping through the night. The exhaustion when you’ve got a big project and pulling 18 or 20 hour days for a week. Only problem is, this tired doesn’t go away with a nice walk in the cool air or an extra cup of coffee. It is there hovering everyday. So doing too much one day, means 2 or 3 days of not being able to do anything.

chronic illness tired quote

One of my biggest challenges this last year has been going from having 12 or 16 productive hours in a day, down to 5 or 6. If I’m really lucky I get 8. However there are days when I wake up feeling pretty good and push too hard and then end up losing a whole day or 2 to recover. Then there are days in a row when I’m only good for 2 or 3 hours and those are the days when I really have to work to accept my new limits.

Do you live with a chronic illness? Have you learned to prioritize what really needs done?

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