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Can we be honest? We all fail! but we CAN move forward!

When we fail, it sucks! Everyone wants to succeed the first time they try something! We want to show the world we are winners! But life doesn’t always work that way. Well, most of the time, not very often really.

we can always move forward
so many projects – so few spoons #lifewithchronicillness


That old quote “failure is not an option”. Yeah, that’s not true, it is! We can choose to learn from the failure. We can choose to NOT blame others. Keep in mind that great things, take time to grow. It takes a lot of patience and learning to succeed at the things you want to do.

When we fail, and we will, we can give ourselves grace. Take time to cry and pout, but then! Get yourself back up, put your head back in the game and get ready to MOVE FORWARD.


I have been living most of my life for almost two years now, on pause. Paying so much attention to my health concerns that my goals for my business and my personal life, were put on hold.

I have felt like a failure, because two years ago, I saw my life a lot different than it is now.

Even without a solid diagnosis, just being told it’s a “neurological disorder”, I have been working on giving myself some grace. Not blaming myself, my health problems or the doctors for these very rough last several months.

I have been working more and more with my therapist and my own “tools” to help me move forward. To find joy in the changes of my life, to set new goals and to move forward with intention.

Taking care of health and my family first, then taking steps to build my business again and enjoy the work again that puts a little more fun out into the world.


So whether you’re reeling from chronic illness, business failure, Covid fatigue or something more personal. Know that you are NOT alone.

Take time to feel the lose, to cry, to scream. Then dry the tears, make a plan, put your head back in the game and get ready to move forward.

#inthistogether #lifewithachronicillness #covidfatigue

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