How learning to do nothing is helping my health.

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Learning to do nothing, is the best thing we can do! Another weekend of feeling like poo! After a good productive week, with more good days then bad, I finally hit the wall. Today I realized, I need to remind myself that sometimes doing nothing is the best thing I can do! I’m not sure how I’m going to learn to do nothing, but I know I can have more good days when I learn to step back more and sit still.

Past trauma has made me want to go, go, go. If i stay busy then I can’t think and I can “run” from my fears. But always being busy is not good for our health, mental or physical. The body and mind need breaks. So today I put it on my list, of many things I need to work on, learning to do nothing.

sometimes doing nothing is the best thing we can do! #lifewithchronicillness

Being at peace with the quiet

Maybe it’s ADHD, lol, maybe it’s PTSD, maybe it’s just ants in my pants. Whatever it is, I have a very hard time sitting still in the quiet and giving my mind and body the rest it really needs.

Making a list today of “quiet” activities I can do that will give my body the rest it needs.

  • Crochet and TV
  • Read
  • Sit by the garden
  • Slow walk outside
  • Yoga or Meditation
  • Coloring

Be the tortoise not the hare!

And this week, maybe instead of waiting until I hit the wall. I will take my list of slow, quiet, restful things I can do, and I will use it throughout the week so that my weekends aren’t always playing catch up on the rest I should have gotten before.

What are things you do when you need to slow down and rest?

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