negative thoughts will steal your joy!

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Don’t allow negative thoughts to steal your joy!

Positive people also have negative thoughts, we just don’t allow those thoughts to rule!

don't allow negative thoughts to steal your joy

Today I had the sweetest reminder that sharing my joy can go a long way in spreading sunshine out into the world. A letter came in the mail from an unexpected acquaintance that I’d recently shared my ongoing health concerns with. Telling me she’s in awe of my strength and tenacity. That she’s praying for me and my family. Hoping for answers and healing. While I want both of those very much these days. This was also a great reminder that hidden amid all the negative, is so much positive!

While I may not walk well some days or my speech gets choppy, I am still able to share a message with the world! We can not allow the negative thoughts to steal our joy!

How did sharing my health problems lead her to a little positive thinking? Well, I didn’t just complain about the things I’m going through. I joked about the extra time I now have for things like Pinterest projects that I only use to daydream about doing. I talked about all the donations of baby hats and blankets that I’ve been able to make with the extra time that I need to rest.

My life has changed drastically in the last few months. However, as I learn to navigate this new normal, I’m finding that there is still a lot of good in my life!

Not always Sunshine and Rainbows!

Most people that know me would be SHOCKED to find out that I’m not always this happy go lucky, rainbows and unicorns person. Years of abuse, both physical and emotional took it’s toll on me. I know the battle with negative self-talk, too well! However, over the years, it was just that, a battle! A fight with a demon that I didn’t want to lose! I saw happiness in front of me and every chance I got, I worked towards that.

It was not an easy road, but I have had the help of a great counselor the last couple of years. I have been a work in progress to a truly happy person! Along the way I have learned to replace negative thoughts with more positive thoughts. Without knowing that I would need these skills now more than ever. Everyday I find a few things to be thankful for. Every time a negative thought weasels it’s way into my mind, I spend a few moments finding the positive. Weeding out the negative thoughts as soon as you can, means you don’t allow them to grow.

Turning the Negatives into Positives

Is it easy to take those negative thoughts and make them positive? Not always! Just like pulling weeds from the garden. Sometimes you yank on it and just the top comes off, you know the roots are still there. Which means, that weed is coming back sooner rather than later. Negative thoughts are the same way, so you get to the root of it. You have to dig that weed out and fill that spot with positive!

It takes work. Daily intentional work! We have to be present and aware of the thoughts that will pass through our minds.

Easy? NO! Worth it? YES!

The work is worth it! It does get easier. Thinking positive, even on your hardest days, does get easier!

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