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Every morning is a new chance! To make a difference. To touch a heart, encourage and inspire others. It’s a new chance to have a beautiful day!

every morning is another chance

No matter how hard my yesterday may have been, everyday I start my mornings with coffee and gratitude. This year I have made it a priority to begin my days with time to reflect and journal. Most days I’m starting my mornings with my pen to paper and noting how I’m feeling and what good things are going on in my life. This has helped so much! I have noticed a more positive attitude towards the recent changes in my life.


Instead of dwelling on the “can’t dos” I’m focusing more on the “STILL CAN DOs”. I’m even finding that, while I feel like I’m losing hours in the day due to fatigue that I’ve gained hours on the other end because I’m no longer running so much. No longer being able to drive was a hard hit to my independence, but as I go through my days, I’m finding more things I can do at home. Projects that I never sat still long enough to finish, are getting done. So while I mourn for things I use to be able to do or the amount of hours I could go, go go, I am very thankful to still be able to create and find beauty in the life I still have 🙂 Grateful to have every morning and a new chance to inspire others!

By sharing my story and being honest about the struggles, I hope to touch hearts and inspire others to keep living their most beautiful life! Find things to be grateful for and encourage you to dig deep. To know that happiness is in the way you choose to see the world.

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