Not enough spoons!

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Do you ever get half way through the day and realize – there aren’t enough spoons left for the last half? If you’re living with a chronic illness, you’ve probably heard of the Spoon Theory. For the last several months I’ve been adjusting to life with a “yet to be diagnosed” progressive neurological disorder/disease. When I say adjusting, I mean it is a roller coaster! LOL

so many projects – so few spoons #lifewithchronicillness

So many projects, so few spoons!

I have always been a 100 mph kind of person and now I’m trying to make my “wish to do” list shorter everyday so that I don’t run out of spoons and crash.

The crash is NOT pretty! I’ve learned this the hard way. It not only affects me for days or weeks, it’s hard on my family. Doing too much makes my brain short out and I end up not able to walk well. My speech gets really choppy and quite honestly, my brain goes to mush!

Finding my balance

So now I have this cool app on my phone icompanion. I’ve tried several apps for tracking symptoms, meds, etc, this one is great! While it was created for those with an MS diagnosis, it is easily customized for most neurological or autoimmune diseases.

Why do I use an app to track my symptoms, my daily activities, my meds, etc? This app has a graph chart, so I can see when I start having more bad days, what I’ve done to get there. Or! Better yet! If I’m having a few good days, what did I do to get those?

It’s a full time job managing a chronic illness, but a couple of months ago, when I was at my worst, I knew I had to do something. More good days is definitely worth the effort!!!!

Do you track symptoms, diet, meds or other things to help you manage your illness and have more good days? I would love to hear if you do and if it helps 🙂 #inthistogether #lifewithachronicillness

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