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Why do you need the Sleevie free crochet pattern? You might be wondering what even is a “sleevie”…… It’s a strap, with a button, that holds your sleeves. Yep! They’re great!!! Why would you need that?

There are many sports and events that don’t allow tank tops, but when it’s 100 degrees outside, sometimes, you just don’t want those sleeves down. Sleeve holders to the rescue!!!! There are lots of sewn versions of these out there, but, I don’t sew, so I had to come up with a way to make some with what I do know! Here you have it! The Sleevie FREE crochet pattern!

The pattern is great for beginners and they’re super easy to whip up in bulk to sell at summer festivals. Made with cotton yarn or bamboo/cotton mix and they’re comfortable against the skin in any weather.

sleevie free crochet pattern
Sleeve holder FREE crochet pattern


The Sleevie free crochet pattern can be made in many different color combinations! Hot trending colors with cute buttons or local school or sporting team colors. Buttons can be fun and decorative or keep it simple with a 4-hold solid color. Show us your Sleevies on the Bramble Avenue Facebook page! If you’re selling them online, send us a message and we can help you advertise too!

FREE sleeve holder crochet pattern
Free Printable Tags!


Check out the free printable tag available to make displaying your Sleevies easy and customizable! Space to add your logo and a price on the front, care instructions are on the back. Just print, cut, fold and staple! You’re ready to display or ship your own sleevies!

Come join our Facebook community and show us what you’re making with our freebies!

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