Now Y’all Know How We Feel

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Stop! Put your butts on the couch! Because of the few, many will suffer! The rest of us want recess too!

It feels like I’m in 1st grade again and everyone is misbehaving and now nobody can go outside to play!

put your butts on the sofa!

and just like that

And just like that, the world is finding out how people that have serious health problems and chronic illnesses that keep them at home much of the time feel. People now know how my son with Autism feels, because their routines are disrupted and they’re throwing fits!

Those of us that already had our plates full of things to deal with on a daily basis, now have a few more worries. So while you’re out there upset because you can’t go out to eat, someone else is upset because the medical care they needed to have a better quality of life had been put on hold. We have been told to please stay home for the duration!

Our lives are being put on hold. Until everyone will stop and put their butts on the couch, the longer the rest of us have to sit on the bench!

This is not about the young or old or this race or that race. This is about us, as a world, coming together and sitting still. So the earth can heal and we can get back to living our beautiful lives a little sooner.

Are you keeping your butt on the couch and doing your part to help stop the spread?

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