One moment at a time…

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Learning together to take it one sunrise at a time!

one sunrise at a time

Our entire world is facing uncertainties that our generations have never seen. Before today, we could look to the future, make plans and set goals. Today, the human race as a whole, is having to take life one day at a time. In some cases, we are taking it minute by minute.

As someone that has lived with anxiety for many years and also raising a child on the Autism spectrum. We have lived our lives around routines and planning. Right now, we are learning to just take this, one sunrise at a time.

We are letting go of our “normal” and having compassion for ourselves as we forge a path through the days ahead.

facing the unknown with an open mind

I urge you, if you’re having a hard time right now, to give yourself grace. If all you do today, is hug your loved ones or watch TV, it’s ok! Maybe today, being productive, is just reaching out and connecting with a friend. Get lost in a book, color with the kids, play cards or go for a walk. Whatever you need to do today to make it through the day and find a way to smile, is ok!

We are taking it one sunrise at a time!

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