Stop taking it for granted!

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If recent events in the world have taught us anything, it’s that we should NOT be taking anything for granted anymore!

The pandemic of 2020, our reminder of how sweet the little things, like hugging a friend or going out to dinner, really are!

stop taking it for granted
If life has taught me anything lately, it’s to stop taking every day for granted!

As my unsolved health issues have progressed, my difficulties walking and talking get a little harder, I have learned to appreciate so much more in life. From trips to the store, or like today, going to get my husband a Father’s day gift. Now with the pandemic, shopping for much of anything is mostly online. On those rare occasions when my kids or my husband will take me to town and let me walk into a smaller, not very busy, store and I get to look around at things and see people. I am reminded how much I have taken for granted over the years. How fast paced our lives were. Now I’m spending more days tending my new garden, working on the house, still running my Etsy shop from home and connecting more and more with friends. Even from a distance, through text or social media. It has been an eye opener to realize just how much of life was whizzing by while I was in such a hurry to go nowhere.


We seem to always be trying to do more, have more, be more. When what we need to be focusing on is just being present in our lives more. Being grateful everyday and counting our blessings. Appreciate what we have even when you’re working towards something more.

Have found something during the pandemic that you appreciate more?

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